Ann Moritz

Ann Moritz is principal of Moritz Advisory Group where she has consulted to organizations with an emphasis on cultural and educational priorities.  She co-designed the program: Building Alliances across Race for Women Leaders. Ann serves on the Executive Committee of Commonwealth Compact, as well as the Steering Committee of Boston Busing/Desegregation Project. The annual Gospel Night at the Boston Pops began with the initiative of a BSO Diversity Committee that Ann helped design. She co-founded and chaired the multicultural ¡CelebrateMilton! in Milton. Ann served as trustee for Outward Bound in Boston, where she developed and led the board’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She devoted most of her 12+ years at The Boston Globe supervising its Human Relations operations. Ann holds a bachelor’s in journalism, a master’s in public administration, and a PhD in educational studies. She serves as adjunct faculty at Lesley University. She is married to writer/photographer David Arnold, and they are parents of two adult children.


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