Norris Welch

Norris Welch, tenor, was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and moved to Boston in 1964. As the old saying goes, Norris “has been singing all his life”, remembering his early years in elementary school where he sang the lead in all of the school holiday plays. After his move to Boston, Norris became a member of the Union United Methodist Church in 1970, began in the youth choir, and has sung in almost every choir at the church. In his professional life, he worked for Verizon for 25 years. His goal after retirement is to use his learned skills of working with choirs and singers to become an entrepreneur in the many facets of organizational planning. He is currently the business manager of, and singer in The Boston Community Choir, and The New England Gospel Ensemble, and The Joyful Voices of Inspiration, and has performed throughout the U.S., and abroad with many current recording artists.

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