Boston Cultural Council offered $5000 Grant to honor “Project STEP” for the fiscal year 2013

Looking at these shining smiles, our hearts are deeply touched…They are not only our children, they are our hope for the future…

Image “Project STEP” is committed to filling a gap of classical music to reflect the underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities. Founded in 1982, Project STEP achieves its mission through comprehensive, professional-quality programs: FOCUS, Youth Preparatory Division, Preparatory Division, and Pre-college Division. In the past 30 years, Project STEP has cultivated students who have gone on to study at very distinguished colleges or conservatories, such as Harvard, Juilliard, Yale, M.I.T., New England Conservatory, Boston University School for the Arts, etc. This year, the Boston Cultural Council was proud to give Project STEP a $5000 Grant for the fiscal year 2013 to support its programs.

Project STEP’s Mission …

To address this imbalance by identifying musically talented children from underrepresented Boston communities and providing participants in their programs with comprehensive music and string instrument instruction, the primary goal of which is to prepare them to compete and succeed in the challenging, rewarding world of classical music.

Project STEP Presented…


On June 2, 2013, Project STEP celebrated its’ 30th Anniversary at the Gregory Bulger Performing Arts Center, Boston College High School. The goal for this celebration is to get children excited about the beauty, power and possibility of classical music. For more information, please email to



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