Boston Cultural Council offered $5000 Grant to honor “Community music Center of Boston” for the fiscal year 2013

Have you ever had this experience before? Every morning you wake up to music filling your dreams till you realize that the delightful melody is coming from your alarm telling you to get going. When your phone rings, what do you hear-Music. Music fills every aspect of our life…

Image       Located on Warren Avenue, Community Music Center of Boston (CMCB) is a recognized, nonprofit music school providing music education to groups and individuals of all ages. Over the past 100 years, CMCB has grown to become a leading provider of arts education to Boston Public Schools through its various programs: Private and Group Music Instruction, Performance Ensembles, School Outreach, Intensive Study Project, Music Therapy and Early Childhood classes. Nowadays, Community Music Center of Boston serves more than 5,000 individuals each week, both on-site in the Boston Center for the Arts and in nearly 50 community sites each year, studying music ranging from classical to jazz, pop, folk, world and rock. CMCB uses its heart to educate public and present fantastic events and programs to fulfill its mission: “To provide excellent music education to individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and abilities, transforming lives citywide”. This year, the Boston Cultural Council was proud to give Community Music Center of Boston a $5000 Grant for the fiscal year 2013.

About CMCB…

      Founded in 1910, CMCB is the product of two historic settlement schools that worked primarily with immigrant children-the South End Music School and the Boston Music School Settlement. Housed in an 8,000 square foot instructional facility at the Boston Center for the Arts, in the heart of Boston’s South End. At the core of CMCB’s values is the faith that music should be a formative part of every child’s education. Nowadays, CMCB is not only a music school, but also a creative center for people of all ages and abilities to share their music and deliver diversified expressions.

CMCB Presents…

Image       CMCB invites people to join its first international annual fundraiser event “La Nuit de la Musique” on June 21, 2013. The event will be filled with free live music from 6pm to 7pm in three venues: outside Hamersley’s Bistro and the Beehive, South End Buttery, and on Washington Street (TBD). This is a great opportunity for music institutions to freely express all styles of music and popularize musical practice to people of all ages. For more information about the event and reception following the outdoor music.


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